Ocean Air Balancing Toothpaste

Avec Moi Ocean Air Balancing Toothpaste is a superior toothpaste which brings you a wonderful sensory teeth brushing experience. It is based on a 13-year scientific research results. Each gram of our probiotic toothpaste contains approximately 50 billion probiotics ADP-1.
The toothpaste contains 10 times as many probiotics as common probiotics-containing toothpaste on the market, which helps enhance your oral defense system completely. These probiotics will kill oral pathogens in 2 seconds, inhibit harmful bacterial growth, freshen your breath all day long and whiten your teeth.

Micron-sized Abrasives

    Silky smooth to protect enamel  

    • Smooth Cream and Soft Foam

    Enjoy brushing 

    • Aquatic Mint Flavor

    Superior long refreshing 

    • Safe Ingredient

    Non-toxic, Fluoride-free 

    • Chic Frosted Packaging

    Humanized Design of One-handed Opening  

    • High-grade Slightly Matte Tube


    Brand Name: Avec Moi

    Flavor: Aquatic Mint

    Net Weight: 100g / 3.53oz

    Main Ingredients: Water, Hydrated Silica, Lactobacillus etc

    Feature: Contains unique probiotics ADP-1, Lasting refreshing breath & Whiten teeth brilliantly